Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Task 1 - Structure – The Value Chain

The developers in the gaming industry are the people that create the games. Their are a lot of developers that have created games and made a lot of money from making the game for example Rockstar are a world wide studio that are most famous for making the Grand Theft Auto series and Electronic Arts that are famous for the Fifa series. Both companies make millions for releasing games on as many consoles as possible if it is on Xbox or PlayStation. However Sony and Microsoft both make games that are exclusive for there own consoles and both have payed developers to create games for there console for example Sony have Naughty Dog which have been making games on PlayStation ever since the original, They have made games like Crash Bandicoot and The Last Of Us and The Uncharted series.

The Publishers in the gaming industry are the people that finance and sell the games and are the people that distribute the products. There are over a million different type of publishers in the gaming industry for example the best 3 publishers world wide are Sony Computer Entertainment which are in Japan,Microsoft which are in USA, Nintendo which are in Japan. Publishers are the people that make the game popular and get more sales with advertisements. 

Console Manufacturers/First Party Publishers
The first party publishers are the people that make the hardware for example the big first party publishers are Sony,Microsoft and Nintendo all three of these companies have made big game consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One. These first party publishes all make games that are exclusive to their own console's for example sony have Bloodborne and Uncharted and Microsoft have Halo and Gears Of War

Distribution and Retail
There are two kinds of distribution in the gaming industry, there is physical and digital. The physical way of distribution is by getting a hard copy of a game from a shop like game. Physical distribution is also used by ordering a game online from a website like amazon where when your order has been confirmed the product gets sent from a warehouse to the allocate place of delivery. Digital distribution is the way that people go through more because the product is sent straight away and you don't have to wait. Physical distribution is used by ordering the product on an online store like the PlayStation store and the Xbox Live Store, Their are also online websites that distribute digitally like steam.

Outsourcing Companies
Outsourcing Companies are all the main types of services that are included in games that are all involved with making that game like Art, Sound, Animation and design for example in Bio shock the game is based around the 1960 and is in an underwater city so a lot of work will have to be put into the game from all services of the game so the underwater sounds and the 1960's music.

Press and Media
Press and Media is a huge part of the gaming industry. When a game is released it is released to the press a couple of days before just so they can give the game a review and they say what they think of the game, Most of the press are either good at giving the games positive reviews. The media is another huge part of the gaming industry, The biggest games that are out in the months they are all released in the coming months are all advertised in gaming magazines and are highly advertised on You-tube videos.

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