Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Task 3 – Financial, Industry and Market trends.

There’s no denying that Android and iOS gaming have become quite popular over the last few years, and gaming PCs are now strong enough to outclass Sony or Microsoft’s next consoles. This means that if the three major console makers hope to succeed this coming generation, they will have to learn to adapt in a rapidly changing market. The current generation of consoles saw the beginning of this transition. Applications for Netflix, along with Xbox music and other media apps, have turned gaming consoles into media centers. Even though consoles cannot be upgraded like PC’s and will inevitably become outdated, they are still very important to the gaming industry. One of the biggest features and draws of video game consoles are the exclusive games. This being said most major games are tailored to run on video game consoles. Since most major games are built to run on consoles then video game consoles are really setting the standard for what systems all video games are being built for. Having new consoles not only affects the capabilities of the consoles themselves but it also affects the types of games that are released on PC as well. Sony and Xbox do plan to release their next generation consoles i.e PlayStation 5 and what ever xbox come up with next , respectively. So, I think this would be a huge advantage for the Console companies because people are definitely going to buy and experience something new that the console companies promise to provide.Unlike generations past, consoles no longer compare to high-end gaming PCs. With it being impossible to keep up in terms of power, consoles must continue to focus on their unique features. But some of the major aspects that give the consoles an extra edge are the motion sensors (Xbox Kinnect, PlayStation Move etc). They have revolutionised the gaming experience but according to personal opinion, they have not enhanced or made the gameplay experience better that much. Regardless.The latest piece of hardware at the moment is VR with oculus releasing pretty early for PC owners now and with the release of the HTC vive early 2016 and with both Sony and Microsoft announcing something to do with VR there will probably be a battle about that in the coming years. For years games developers are assigned to 1 console like the makers of Halo is assigned to Microsoft and Naughty Dog only make games for sonys consoles, this has been a big argument for quite a while and this is so people who enjoy Halo will buy the Xbox consoles and people who like Naughty Dogs games will buy Sony's consoles, there will always be a game assigned to one console even if it is something like the Fifa games, These games have been out every year and from the start of Fifa 15 Electronic Arts announced Legend's for there ultimate team however you may only get these legends on Xbox only. Another example is the Call of Duty franchise, for years Call of Duty has announced that there DLC map packs will be available 30 days on Xbox than Playstation so people who really enjoyed that series will buy that console so they dont have to wait an extra month to play the new maps however with the release of Black Ops 3 the 30 day exclusivity has gone over to Playstation this has caused a lot of people to purchase a playstation console.  

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