Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Task 5 - Professional Bodies Supporting the Industry

Professional Bodies


This is one of the only trade bodies for the Uk,s games and wider entertainment industry they are a non-profit company that focus on growing and supporting games company’s in the UK they do this by making sure they have they have the right economic, cultural, political and social environment needed to make a business grow they help small teams and company’s by giving them advice


The IGDA is very similar to UKIE in that they are here to help brig small and large companies together and help the indie companies and AAA studios work in hand to make better games and keep the ideas flowing, the main difference is that this company operates internationally this means that rather than just the UK it’s the whole world they try to bring over 90 companies together in big conferences to boost business and awareness of both bigger and smaller companies  

Women in Games

This is a group created to make games and game companies alike feature and use women rather than all male this mean helping women get jobs in the industry and try to get games to feature women characters whether they are just NPC or the main character itself they want toaddress the games industry's gender imbalance and help fix it and give women a voice in the industry this is slowly working and more and more games are starting to take notice and are starting to include women into the making of the game and making sure that the game is as fair to men and women at the same time


This group used to focus on T.V and films only awarding actors, actresses, directors and writers for their work in making TV shows and films but in recent times they have started to give games industry a chance and have given it its own segment and awards show this helps boost the awareness and ego of the games company’s and integrate members like the CEO and people who work on the games as well as games them self this has help make the industry to be seen as an art form and an important part of the entertainment world


This is a group that makes documentary’s and talk to all manner of game companies and representatives to help those who are new to the industry understand the way that it works and much more there goal is to help customers or even people wanting to start a career in the industry lean the rules and basics it is an amazing learning resource and is very helpful for those looking to teach or to learn they help understand the political and cultural needs of the mass media world

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